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Klamath Falls Biking Guide

Hidden Valley Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking Time: 3 Hours (approximate for round trip with some time for sight seeing)

Highlights: This packed dirt road winds through a spectacular valley that includes scenic hillside views, watering holes for animal and plant viewing and a great opportunity for all level riders to enjoy the juniper and ponderosa pine forest close to Klamath Falls. There are lots of side trails to explore!

Description: The packed dirt road makes for excellent mountain biking. It is not a single track so it's great for riding as a pair. There are some large gravel pieces and other small obstacles, but this seldom used road is perfect for a leisurely tour in some gorgeous hills away from the pavement. Use some caution as the trail is shared with horses and the occasional ATV or 4WD vehicle. The path starts out winding through juniper forest. Keep your eyes open for snakes sunning themselves and lots of wildflowers in the Spring. The ascent is gradual but steady as you pass a "watering hole" or two surrounded by irises which are in bloom later May early June. There are numerous side trails along the route but the main route is quite clear and should be no trouble. The path ascends at a more challenging pitch as you approach ponderosa forest and enter a sub-alpine climatic area. The road is never very steep but the steady ascent is a challenge for those of us who are not in perfect shape. Enjoy the scenery and don't be afraid to walk for a bit. As the path veers to the left and you cross a cattle guard (use caution) you are near the highest point and can then enjoy a pleasant cruise down the other side of the trail which is the perfect pitch for cruising and only requires modest braking unlike many true "mountain" trails. Eventually you come out on a gravel road and you can return the way you came or venture out to find a loop. Stay tuned for my updates as their are lots more parts to ride in this area.!!!

Notes: Because this trail is in a valley it is quite a bit cooler than the rest of the Basin and can be breezy as well. Make sure to dress appropriately and bring an extra long sleeve shirt and/or wind-breaker. (I always carry a rain jacket/windbreaker) This cool mountain air can bring welcome relief during hot summer weather. This area is popular with horse riders and target shooters so you may hear shots.

Trailhead: Park after the Cattle Gate along the side of the road. The trailhead and parking area are popular areas for riding so you will likely see horse trailers, but there is plenty of room to park and not a bad place for a picnic either with lots of open grassy areas!

Directions: The trailhead is roughly ten miles from Klamath Falls. Take South Sixth St. or Route 39 south through the strip malls.
Go east on 140 (toward Bonanza and Lake View). (follow signs)
Turn right onto bridge (South Poe Valley Rd.) just after Olene store (on your right).
Turn Right after bridge onto Crystal Springs Rd.
Follow a few hundred yards and turn LEFT onto Hidden Valley Rd. (dirt/gravel). (You went too far if road curves back to the right and continues across plains away from hills.)
Follow dirt road through gate and park anywhere along clearing on side.


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This page is going to include many more links to maps, photos, directions, and info on biking and related outdoor opportunities in the Klamath Basin in Southern Oregon and the surrounding area.

My goal is to catalog trails and get more people out into this beautiful area. I also plan to develop interest in conservation efforts and expanding trail maintenance programs. Additional info on outdoor recreation and related info can be found through links at the bottom of the page. If you would like to add info or support this effort in any way please let me know.

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